Ken Griffen, Artist


Artist: Pursuing an artists dream

Ken is a contemporary visual artist who grew up in Auckland and now resides in New York. In 2006 he was awarded a University Scholarship for Visual Arts. He went on to graduate with excellence from AUT (Auckland University of Technology) in 2009. Since his graduation, Griffen has done two artist-in-residence programs in Berlin and LA and has held several solo exhibitions.

Ken felt that going to art school to study painting would shape his creativity and mold it in a specific way that he did not want. So he opted instead to go to design school at AUT and pursue his dream to be an artist on the side.

Ken came to NYCC originally for a 2-week visit in 2009, which soon turned into a months-long stay, as he fell in love with the city and its creative energy (like many of us Kiwis). So his ambition was to come back someday and live here which is what he is now doing.

Like many people, Ken started doing art and painting as a child, but his difference is that he never stopped. Working now as an art director and designer ( on the side to pay the bills, Ken is pushing his dream of painting from his Williamsburg studio.

Thanks, Ken for sharing your insights and passions at Flat White Meetup.

Ken Griffen