A monthly meetup for Kiwi entrepreneurs in New York, with a focus on tech, design and social media. We present and exchange ideas, and drink great coffee at Happy Bones.


Upcoming meetups

Virtual Flat White Meetup #3

Friday May 1st, 9am New Zealand Time

= Thursday April 30th, 5pm New York Time



Past meetups

Corona – Virtual Flat White Meetup

A virtual Flat White in the age of a global pandemic The first ever virtual Flat White Meetup! From Europe to the US and New Zealand a coming together of minds. A check-in to see how everyone is doing. And an ideation session to see how...

Josh Bowden, Noissue

we are lucky to have Josh in New York from Kiwi sustainable packaging startup www.NoIssue.co

Mark Zee, Ops Group

We are fortunate to have the founder of Ops Group, Mark Zee, speaking about how he built the leading online community for aviation professionals.

Ronnie Peters, HyperloopTT

Ronnie Peters will be sharing his remarkable story as Creative Director or Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

Discussion and ideation,Senseless terrorist attack

After the devastating events in Christchurch this month, we decided to have this Friday’s meetup dedicated to discussion and ideation around fundraising for the victims of this senseless terrorist attack.

David Downs, A Mild Touch of the Cancer

David Downs talking about his incredible journey battling cancer as a genetically modified organism. He documented this on his Stuff.co.nz column “A Mild Touch of the Cancer” & is now aiming to raise $1m for cancer research with www.downwithcancer.nz

Alex Gould,Asta

The journey from consulting at Bain to completing an MBA at Columbia, to launching a startup called Asta in NY.

Ken Griffen, Artist

Ken is a contemporary visual artist who grew up in Auckland and now resides in New York. In 2006 he was awarded a University Scholarship for Visual Arts.

David Brebner,Umajin

Umajin produces a SAAS app creator that lets designers build stunning native apps without needing to code for Android, iOS, OSx, and windows – www.umajin.com.

Graham Dockrill,
Citrus Tree Consulting

Managing Director of Citrus Tree Consulting. Graham also founded leading NZ digital agency, Hairy Lemon, and award-winning startup The IT Team.

Sian Simpson,Kiwi Landing Pad

Sian gave insight into the formation and evolution of Kiwi Landing Pad, from it’s more insular, site-specific origins to a more dynamic and integrated environment, where Kiwi brands are thriving in the Silicon Valley and greater US community.

Brendan Howell,Dropit

Brendan Howell presented Dropit, the Kiwi reverse auction startup that recently partnered with the San Francisco 49ers. Dropit brings gamification to the auction process to help sports teams and brands sell their products and engage with their customers.

Guy Horrocks,Carnival

Guy Horrocks discussed the recent sale of his mobile startup Carnival.io to Sailthru. After hosting the Flat White Meetup for the last 4 years, Guy presented for the first time. He provided insight into what goes into a startup acquisition, as well as the good and the bad of pre and post-acquisition life.

Danu Abeysuriya,Rush Digital

RUSH DIGITAL A discussion about NZ’s place in the global Virtual Reality race with Rush Digital Founder, CTO and NZ Hi-Tech Young Achiever Winner 2016, Danu Abeysuriya. From its humble beginning’s as a game outsourcing studio to a nearly...

Julie Fry,Going Places

Julie Fry and Hayden Glass are optimists who have written a book about the value migration can create for New Zealand if we update our policies for the technology age. We have had big flows of people in and out for more than a generation.

Flat White Meetup,SXSW 2016

This is the 2nd annual #FlatWhiteMeetup at SXSW in Austin!
An informal gathering of Kiwi entrepreneurs, startups, self-employed and people in technology & creative industries.

Peta Conn,Consul General, NZTE

Peta has finished up her term as New Zealand Consul General and Trade Commissioner in New York. She has been an amazing supporter of the Flat White Meetup, she shared some thoughts about her time in New York.