Sian Simpson, Kiwi Landing Pad

FEBURARY 24 2017

Kiwi Landing Pad: Taking NZ technology to the world

Sian Simpson is the Global Community Manager of the Kiwi Landing Pad in San Francisco where she helps take NZ technology to the world. In the past two years Sian has worked with over 1,000 NZ businesses, meet with over 1,500 entrepreneurs and grown the NZ tech community in the United States to 3,000+ members.
Sian gave insight into the formation and evolution of Kiwi Landing Pad, from it’s more insular, site specific origins to a more dynamic and integrated environment, where Kiwi brands are thriving in the Silicon Valley and greater US community. We can’t wait to have her back and hear how it is progressing and learning more about the great brands that are thriving there. Well done Sian, keep up the amazing work!

Sian Simpson